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Understand the “Why” of Performance

You have dashboards to tell you what – but do you know why?

The difference between top organizations and bottom performing organizations lies in the answer to that question. Your people are your competitive advantage, and understanding them unlocks performance. Good leaders spend countless hours managing performance; trying to understand what’s driving performance, what different employees need in changing environments, what training works, and performance reporting tasks.

Great leaders have that data and routinely help their organizations leverage that knowledge.

In just 15 minutes, you can answer: “Here’s what to focus on”

What if you could take half the energy spent by your teams and focus it on what matters? What would that do for them, and for the organization?

Now you can, in just 15 minutes. Unlock the full potential of your teams with the Aptology platform.

Empower better coaching, specific development, progression – and yes, revenue.

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What does it take to be successful in this role?
50% of organizations guess. Top organizations know.

Understanding the people side of people

People are the lifeblood of the business – but we know more about prospects than we do people. How do you help employees learn more about what their strengths are? How do you help managers coach to success? Meet the Aptology Fit-to-Role platform: visibility into the people side of things, at scale.

No more opinions. Hello actionable insights.

It’s time for better insights into people and what specifically drives success for YOUR company. Finally, see what behaviors drive performance for each unique role and help people attain their potential. No more opinion battles, no more vague feedback, no more excel spreadsheets. Experience one platform to unlock the magic.

Unlock revenue through people

Help unlock the full talent potential of your organization. One platform for internal hiring, talent acquisition and succession planning based on Success Profiles. Enjoy scale and consistency, reduction in bias, and see faster ramp times, higher retention rates and higher performance.

Empower coaching

Once you understand exactly which behaviors to focus on, and how much of a gap exists, you can:

  • Empower specific coaching across the organization
  • Enable more productive 1:1s that lead to successful outcomes
  • Tailor areas of focus for each person, effortlessly

Learn more about how you can unlock coaching and enablement potential with people intelligence.

Better data, better decisions: hire to success

With an all-in-one platform, you can tap into broader talent pools to unlock potential:

  • Access internal candidates and empower internal progression and evolution
  • View external candidates and the behaviors that best match the role – or alternative roles, to hire silver medalists
  • Improve retention and performance
  • Increase diversity in hiring and in retention – because you can see past the words on pieces of paper and focus on what will drive successful outcomes

Learn more about how you can unlock success in hiring, internal and external, with people intelligence.

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Gartner Cool Vendor

Aptology is honored to have been recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor! We look forward to helping more sales leaders achieve revenue targets by looking at talent a different way.Log into Gartner to read the report >>

Closing the feedback loop: data driven hiring

64% of organizations list quality of hire as their top priority for the upcoming year. Read the Lighthouse Research white paper on why behavioral AI unlocks performance, retention and diversity.

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For people who prefer hearing the warm sound of a human voice
Want to get a 15 minute overview? See how you can get started on the platform? Best practices? Coming right up!

See Behavior Impacting Objective Performance Metrics

To align people and outcomes, you have to understand both people and performance data.

Whether it’s in sales with quota attainment, or customer-facing roles that have pipeline, upsell or Net Promoter Score (NPS) targets – you can now understand what drives performance. That means the ability to drive internal hiring based on objective evaluations, hiring to success, and developing for success – all in one platform.

How They Did It: Improving Sales Performance

Learnings from a Global Leader in Energy-based Medical Solutions

The Challenge

Sales goal: accelerate revenue
VP, HR found that: “the key to accelerating revenue and lowering regrettable attrition was to identify the qualities and behaviors of our best sales reps so that we could recruit new hires internally and externally with similar attributes.”

The Solution

The Aptology solution resulted meant we now have a scalable way of identifying sales reps that were great matches to our Success Profile – that means we now have a record numbers of high performers. Revenue increased and attrition significantly reduced.

“We were able to uncover opportunities for internal hiring between Enterprise and SMB sales groups, and get people in roles where they could be successful. The revenue lift has been record-breaking for us.”

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