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Understand Success

Aptology provides unparalleled insights into what makes your top performers special. With Aptology, performance data is linked to behavioral attributes in order to quickly understand the unique Success Profile for a given role.

Consistently Hire the Right Fit

What if you could now understand how likely someone is to be the right fit to a role? Meet FitScore by Aptology – understand your organization and hire to successful behaviors linked to high performance. Enjoy scale, reduction in bias, and see faster ramp times, higher retention rates and higher performance for every new hire.

Beyond Retaining: Empowering

Reduce ramp time and accelerate performance with Aptology’s insights into impactful coaching, development and leadership. Aptology simplifies the task of understanding how to best empower employees throughout their journey.

Your top 30% of sales people typically account for 72.9% of revenue.
What could you achieve with more of them?

Finally: The Right Fit

We know organizations who have the right people in the right seats are unstoppable – and yet, until recently, achieving fit was a seemingly impossible goal to achieve.

Assessments only show a small part of what’s needed to achieve fit. With Aptology, you can finally understand what drives success in your organization and your team, and then match candidates to achieve the perfect fit to role.


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