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For your further reading pleasure:

Rise of the Chief People Officer: LinkedIn Pulse Report

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, George Anders reviews the different routes to the C-Suite and emerging titles. In 2019, Chief People Officer is on the rise.

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Interview with Rhonda Morris, CHRO, Chevron

This LinkedIn interview of Rhonda Morris by Adam Bryant covers the challenges of being a CHRO, including the headline “It’s a job almost without a job description”.

Read the LinkedIn interview

Spencer Stuart CHRO 2025 report

Spencer Stuart is one of the top executive search firms in the world – their CHRO 2025 report covers interviews with people leaders and key insights on how the role is changing in 2020. You can read the highlights on our blog or access the full article here.

Read the highlights

Deloitte’s Franz Gilbert highlights

In this interview Franz Gilbert of Deloitte covers the state of HR in 2019 and key predictions.

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Work Institute 2019 report

This report on retention in 2019 starts with a clear problem statement: “Companies can and must take the guesswork out of engagement and retention.” It goes on to highlight that “Lack of data fails to inform. Incomplete or inaccurate data misinforms. Correct data informs.” and delves into the complexity of turnover categories and trends in 2019.

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Mercer 2019 report: Top Human Capital Risks

The reports double clicks on the shifts experienced by HR executives and how different industries are experiencing the shift, its speed and its impact. It outlines four key trends starting with aligning talent with future value.

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McKinsey/Lean In 5th annual report on Women in the Workplace – 2019 edition

Over the past five years, the number of women in senior leadership has grown. Still, women continue to be underrepresented at every level. This study takes a look at the driving factors behind that as well as intersectionality issues. We wrote a blog post on highlights and key takeaways; the full report is available on the Lean In website.

Read highlights and key take-aways

KPMG Future of HR 2020

In the foreword, Mark Spears highlights “A particularly striking finding from our Future of HR 2020 survey — in which over 1,300 HR executives from across the globe participated — 3 in 5 HR leaders believe that the HR function will rapidly become irrelevant if it doesn’t modernize its approach to understanding and planning for the future needs of the workforce” This report takes a comprehensive look at what that modernization entails.


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