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If you’re experienced traditional assessments, you know the process is broken. A questionnaire is developed and sent to a candidate, and each manager is left to interpret and try to understand how it relates to the role being filled. Some assessments even require certification, only to leave the evaluation of the role completely uncovered.

About this Report

Based on in-depth research and senior executive interviews, this report outlines how technology is facilitating digital transformation of the HR function. It focuses on:

  • The role of assisted intelligence (AI) in the evolution of HR
  • The challenges that assisted intelligence tools for HR can address
  • How to move from data-aggregation to data-powered insights and decisions that drive results

Building a data-driven function across any organization function, including HR, can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. This report focuses on one aspect of digital transformation, assisted intelligence, and the ways in which its implementation can offer significant value to the HR function.

Building a data-driven culture across any organization function, including HR, can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Rise of Assisted Intelligence

Assisted Intelligence is gaining rapid traction because it:

  • Unlocks new revenue or new operational efficiencies;
  • Offers previously unavailable insights and recommendations;
  • Provides detailed information about what drives insights and recommendations in a way that is easy for humans to understand;
  • Generates consistency, auditability and compliance across an otherwise biased or high variation process;
  • Aligns HR and business unit leaders along common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Does not require specialized training, no “HR-IT,” specific teams of data scientists, or a custom implementation

CHROs can leverage assisted intelligence to drive strategic initiatives.

HR leaders can now drive revenue generating insights from the people side without the technical implementation or burden.

Building Assisted Intelligence into the HR Function

Assisted Intelligence-enabled HR Can Sound Complicated

Disruptive technology has traditionally been disruptive to organizations as needed skillsets change and new processes require buy-in and adoption by employees. Phased rollouts, strategic communication initiatives, and lots of vendor hand holding have characterized many programs that bring new technology to an organization.

This isn’t true for Assisted Intelligence in HR.

Application of Assisted Intelligence in recruiting, hiring, and developing employees can now take place with a simple process that does not require any specialized knowledge of data analytics or changes to either the staff composition or the HR systems in use.

An Aptology Case Study

Case Study: A Global Leader in Energy-based Medical Solutions

How a business leveraged assisted intelligence to identify key top performer behaviors

The Challenge

Regrettable turnover goal in sales: less than 20%
VP, HR found that: “the key to accelerating revenue and lowering regrettable attrition was to identify the qualities and behaviors of our best sales reps so that we could recruit new hires with similar attributes.”

The Solution

The Aptology solution was more than 80% accurate in identifying sales reps that were great matches to our ideal profile and were high performers.

“We were focused on getting our turnover under 20%, which has been the benchmark in the medical device industry that only truly successful companies are able to achieve.”

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