From hiring, to exiting, the employee lifecycle is fraught with countless headaches. In sales, slow ramp times alone can cost 30% of quota attainment per new hire, while high attrition rates make the cost of hiring skyrocket. Success requires business leaders and HR managers to approach each critical stage with information. Finding the right fit drives success, while misfits result in slow ramp time, loss of revenue, brand risk, attrition, to name a few; the costs keep piling up (you can calculate the ROI of getting it right here). For those seasoned professionals ready to meet more top performers, not papers, this list has the hottest recruitment solutions solving the talent challenge. Here is a round-up of the latest technology moving the needle: 



Drift is the platform that brought conversational marketing back into the conversation. It brings to scale the essential step of making two parties connect in the most intuitive way. Why is a marketing tool used in the hiring process? Because companies are realizing they’re losing good candidates to obscure website navigation, and chatbots can easily route candidates to the right hiring flow, while adding value to the employer brand by enhancing candidate experience. More information at



Great companies are made up of great people. To achieve revenue lift, and to unify excellence and diversity goals, companies turn to Aptology to understand success, hire, enable and pivot their workforce. The Aptology Fit-to-Role platform combines behavioral analytics and AI in an easy to use, intuitive interface to make better people decisions across the employee journey. More information right here at



Your company’s language is its culture. How do you sound to job seekers? Predict gender tone and influence hiring outcomes with Textio. Textio analyzes job descriptions in real time, highlighting terms that could lead to bias and suggesting alternatives so that your candidate funnel is open to the widest pool of candidates. More information at



Checkr brings machine learning to the background checking stage of the recruitment process. Long gone are the days of manually checking and waiting weeks for background checks – checkr has automated and accelerated the process while improving accuracy at the critical point of the candidate journey. More information at



Namely provides flexible and powerful cloud HR software for mid-sized companies. Personal and engaging for employees. Namely features easy to use interface, to mobile and social interactions options, and full service HR. More information at