It’s 2020 and you want to learn more about building a human workplace. These six inspiring TED talks have got you covered.

#1 The best hire may not have the perfect resume by Regina Hartley

We all know that people are more than words on a piece of paper – this TED talk is a reminder of what that means when you’re looking at how to find the best person for the role.

#2 How to find work you love by Scott Dinsmore

A reminder that in order to find the right fit, the person needs to understand themselves first.

#3 What makes us feel good about our work? by Dan Ariely

It’s not money, and it’s not joy. In this TED Talk, behavioral economist shows how most of us thrive at work by making constant progress and feeling a sense of purpose.

#4 How humans and AI can work better together to create better businesses by Sylvain Duranton

AI is not a fix-all. This talk discusses some examples of when it’s right, when it’s wrong and where assisted intelligence needs people.

#5 Why tech needs the humanities by Eric Berridge

If you want to build a team of innovative problem-solvers, value the humanities just as much as the sciences for the fresh creativity and insight they bring to technical workplaces.

#6 How generational stereotypes hold us back at work by Leah Georges

Assumptions are biases that inhibit productivity and can harm culture. Social psychologist Leah Georges shows how people in a multigenerational workplace are more similar than different and how to avoid limiting biases for better productivity and culture.

Here’s a list of suggested reading for more on building a human workforce:

So what is your plan to create a people-first culture? Talk to a specialist to see how you can implement a consistent way to drive performance through a human workplace today.