Finding ways to improve your sales teams’ potential can feel like an overwhelming task. Thankfully, new methods of analysis like Sales Performance Management (SPM) have shown effective ways to create metrics that help move the sales needle forward.

If you’re not used to utilizing SPM as a method for sales improvements it might feel like a huge practice to implement but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some ways we recommend getting started understanding and utilizing SPM in your business.


    1. Find Ways to Automate the Process – Manually analyzing the performance of a sales team can become a cumbersome task, especially when it comes to quantifying subjective data like behavior and capabilities. We’ve found that companies that utilize AI and automation to help manage this workload see more success in their sales numbers than those who opt to do it manually.  
    2. Emphasize Collaboration – Companies who foster collaboration between their salespeople see higher rates of conversion than those which foster competitive siloing. While competitiveness may be an inherent behavior in many salespeople, it’s important to emphasize that your sales team is a team and that what’s most important is that everyone works towards the same goal of growing the company. 
    3. Pay Attention to the Data – Sales performance management data is only useful when it’s actionable. Without it, it’s often ignored, and bias / story-telling prevails over performance. That means unintentionally fostering a political environment, instead of a performance one. It’s important that your management team gets access to actionable data and recognizes the importance of a data-driven culture.  
    4. Establish Solid Management Practices – From the interview process to performance reviews, there are lots of opportunities for data to inform pipeline. For a comprehensive view into performance, your management team needs the right support tools. Activity tools and call coaching tools aren’t enough. Understanding behavior and which behaviors drive the pipeline in different sales motion is critical to the business. 
    5. Create Opportunities for Feedback- Giving your management team the opportunity to provide feedback on metrics and data can help your company thrive. Knowing which factors are specific to your sales team and what data may be less useful can lead to accelerated results.

    6. Learn Which Behaviors Indicate Success for Your Company – While monitoring your sales leads is important, it’s equally as important that you be aware of which behavioral factors will lead to success as well as what gaps may exist in your current team. We’ve noticed companies that utilize sales performance management AI that monitors their teams see a 27% increase in revenue. What could you do with nearly 1/3rd more revenue?


SPM is a useful tool for any business that wants to create new insights into how your team can increase revenue every day for your business and Aptology can show you easy ways to implement it today. Contact us for a walkthrough of our platform and let us show you what 10 minutes can do.