San Francisco, CA, October 10, 2019.

Today Aptology announced the release of the first and only Fit-to-Role™ platform. With today’s processes, companies have a 40% chance of hiring a top performer. Customers using the Aptology platform have increased revenue by doubling their success rate in hiring top performers.


Founded in 2017 by Bill Walsh, Brad Benson and Suchi Pathak, the AI-driven SaaS company helps modern leaders hire, retain, coach and pivot their people to success. The platform combines behavioral science, AI and objective success metrics to help companies increase revenue through better hiring while achieving higher retention and diversity.


“Modern leaders face the challenges of high attrition, sub-par performance, low diversity and low engagement every day. That’s because people decisions haven’t been aligned to business objectives in an easily consumable way. It’s not for lack of trying, but it wasn’t possible until now,” says Brad Benson, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder. “Aptology brings that knowledge and the power of machine learning to hiring, performance and retention issues facing the modern workplace.”


The benefits of the Aptology Fit-to-Role platform include:

  • Doubling the chances of hiring top performers. With today’s processes, companies have 40% chance of hiring a top performer. Customers using the Aptology platform have doubled their success rate in hiring top performers. 
  • Expanding the company’s talent pool and increase diversity. Traditional screening methods – selecting candidates only based on the college of origin, other companies they’ve worked for, or specific keywords – reduce the available talent pool and cause bias to be introduced in the process. By looking at candidates based on successful behaviors for the role, companies can now evaluate a much broader talent pool and increase diversity.
  • Increasing engagement and productivity. People in the right fit at work are more engaged and more productive. By making that match more consistently, companies can now enjoy a more engaged and productive workforce.
  • Making the best out of training, coaching and L&D. The generic approach of training without personalization has proven to have limited Return On Investment. With Aptology, leaders can tailor their learning programs and target coaching based on behavior, which increases the effectiveness of training and coaching programs.
  • Getting visibility into career pathing, succession planning and organizational development. Most companies struggle with career pathing because they have more data on external hires than they do their own people. With Aptology, leaders get insights into behavioral attributes in multiple roles, facilitating career pathing and succession planning. 
  • Delivering fast time-to-value. Aptology’s Fit-to-Role Platform is typically deployed within 2-4 weeks and see immediate return on investment.


Leading brands have enjoyed the benefits of the Aptology platform and delivered increased revenue, increased diversity and reduced unwanted attrition. 


“We use Aptology to identify top performers in our company, then hired to that profile. The results have been compelling!” says Staq CRO Gian Lombardi. “Past candidates that the Aptology platform deemed a “mismatch” were hired for other reasons, but didn’t work out. Recently hired candidates that were deemed a “great match” have outperformed expectations. As a result, I am using Aptology as a major factor in building, developing and hiring our sales team.” 


Leaders who want to see a demo of the platform can do so on the Aptology website.


Suchi Pathak, Chief Psychologist and Co-Founder, added “AI combined with decades of research and objective data enables leaders to evaluate candidates based on the attributes that directly impact success in the role, without adverse impact or bias. We’re excited to help leaders drive success through people at scale.”  


Aptology now puts the knowledge of machine learning and behavioral analysis at scale into the hands of the business leaders who need it most. Earlier this year, Aptology raised a $8.4 million financing round led by Zetta Venture Partners with participation from Handshake Ventures, Core Capital Partners and WestWave Capital.


About Aptology

Aptology is the world’s first and only Fit-to-Role™ platform company. Sales leaders turn to Aptology to build, develop and retain world class sales organizations. Aptology’s PredictiveFit™ Solution combines 20 years of performance and behavioral data with the latest in behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence to give leaders actionable insights to evaluate fit, while removing hidden biases and dramatically improving sales team performance. To schedule a demo, read a case study or gather additional information, visit

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