Reducing the turnover of your employee pool can be a huge cost saver for any company. The more an employee feels like they “fit” into a position, the better results not only in output but in internal morale and team building. 

How do you make sure that new team members brought into your onboarding process are going to be with you for the long term? And how do you make sure that it’s a fit for the culture and not just an expression of the team’s personal preferences and affinities?  Ensure that culture fit is a key assessment in your interviewing process based on objective metrics.


What is a Culture Fit Interview?

When you’re nearing the final hiring decision for a position, it’s critical that your hiring team assess the candidate’s ability to align with the company values and the behaviors that drive success. This is determined through a culture fit interview which is either a standalone part of the hiring process or is meshed throughout the hiring stages. 

Establishing the viability of a candidate in terms of company culture is something we recommend throughout the lifecycle of an employee, from new hire to internal promotion, provided it’s based on objective metrics, and not personal preferences or affinities.

Matching a candidate’s value system and work style with your company structure can be a critical piece in determining whether or not their new responsibilities will coalesce and help further the companies’ goals, or if there might be cracks in the process that will cause stress and negative morale for the employee and the rest of the team. 


A New Way to Establish Culture Fit Interview Metrics

Previously, establishing metrics for something intangible like “culture fit” levels of a candidate was a difficult and often subjective task that made it hard to quantify on paper. Often HR teams would be relegated to “gut” instincts which made it next to impossible to keep unbiased and objective.

Now thanks to AI technology, HR professionals are able to receive objective, quantifiable data that assesses whether or not a potential hire will harmonize with the company culture. Using Fit-to-Role metrics, Aptology helps businesses establish data points that reduce morale strain and help ensure that candidates entering a new role, whether from internal or external talent pools, will be an asset to company culture.

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