Countries are progressively enforcing lockdown on their workforces, and that means that all hiring is now being done remotely. We interviewed heads of talent acquisition for their top hardware and software tips. Here they are:


  • A good microphone is an essential tool in a world where most of the day can be spent on the phone. Options can range from a $29 USB mic all the way to a $129 Blue Yeti more typically used by podcasters
  • Having an ergonomic chair is the difference between a broken back and a healthy back, and they start at roughly $80.

Software: Productivity

  • Calendly makes internal coordination surprisingly easy if your company doesn’t have a gmail suite
  • Zoom is the go-to video conference tool, preferred for its stability and fun background options

Software: Hiring Tools

  • Aptology is essential for defining success and conducting behavioral interviews – it can be done in parallel with other steps
  • GreenHouse is essential to standardize, gather feedback and score candidates once the video interviews have been done