Any business, whether SaaS, B2C, or B2B has to deal with the same metrics: what is our sales turnover rate and how can we actively work to lower it and its costs?


What we’ve found is that the solution is simple, but hard to execute: it comes down to hiring the right people who can take your sales department to the next level and learning the ways the “people” side of performance affects your bottom line. 


Reducing Your Sales Turnover Starts with Your People, Not Your Quotas

Your product or service has been market-tested, has found its place within your industry, and is ready to thrive, but sales seem to be behind your original projections. Why is that?


The answer lies in the strengths of the people hired for the sales role. If your team doesn’t feel that it has the right crop of skills to dip into, it can leave your salespeople short of quotas and affect your bottom line, thereby forcing your management to make some tough (and potentially costly) decisions about if the sales team needs to be retrained, or possibly even let go.


The best way to prevent this drain on resources from happening is to ensure that your salespeople are the right fit for your company, and that starts at the interview process. 


If empowered, your HR department will hold the keys to unlocking unlimited potential for profitability. If they aren’t given the right tools in the beginning, it can set off a ripple effect that will be seen throughout the entire company structure, so it’s imperative that your hiring procedures are constantly refined.


Enter Hire-to-Success

To ensure a successful sales team can be created, you’re going to need to know the metrics that will highlight the best candidates for the role, as well as understand what intangible data points like amount of curiosity, or level of discipline, can affect performance. 


What we’ve seen all too often is hiring teams relying on outdated or boilerplate methods to acquire and interview new candidates. While it might sound like a tried-and-true way of doing things, the nuances behind a successful 6-figure sale and a $97 widget are vast and require different skill sets to deliver results.


The Aptology platform removes this burden by creating behavioral interviews that are weighed against the key factors a successful sales team will have in your industry. Leaders can now gain intelligence based on an objective and unbiased data set for your HR team to use that can reduce employee turnover, and ensure that the right person is hired for your company. 


Aptology removes subjective biases that can hinder your company’s opportunity for a diverse, successful team that reduces closing times on sales and generates more profit. Calculate how much we can save your team now.