Nilofer Merchant opens this HBR article with a striking statement:

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard a leader say that a perfectly qualified candidate is a “bad fit.” Candidates are too often screened out because they don’t fit a particular pattern – one survey found as many as 75% of resumes don’t make it past Applicant Tracking Systems.

Merchant advances that leaders should ask “questions that uncover capabilities, not just experience.” But how is one to do this at scale, across all managers? Which capabilities should be highlighted, what question would uncover it, and what range of answers would constitute a determination on whether the capability would be met? That’s where the Aptology platform comes in.

Having a consistent way of looking at capabilities, understanding what are the drivers for success based on objective performance, and rolling out a consistent way to help managers view people based on that is crucial to being able to drive change at an organizational level.

Regina Hartley reinforces why resumes aren’t enough in this compelling TED Talk:

So what is your plan to build people data into your organization? Talk to a specialist today to see how you can implement a consistent way to drive performance through a human workplace today.