Companies use a range of processes and tools to understand if a potential employee is a great fit. Typically there is a mix of online questions (that can be uploading a resume, answering questions), emailing questions and answers, phone interview, video interview, on-site interview, and more.

Behavioral interview questions are common in an interviewing process – they’re a key indicator of performance, and that’s why they’re commonly used. It can look like “Tell me about a time where you had to resolve a conflict with a colleague”, or “Tell me about a time where you didn’t meet client expectations”.  If you’re been a candidate asked that question, you know that the reaction to your answers can vary widely – that’s because most companies can’t afford to have an I/O Psychologist on staff to evaluate the answers.

That’s why companies are turning to digital behavioral interviews. They help candidates have an improved experience because:

  1. They’re consistent for each candidate, which makes the process fair;
  2. They typically save time for the candidate, as they typically take 15-30 minutes to complete;
  3. They make the process faster because scheduling them is easy, it’s a matter of sending a link via email and the candidate completing it from their phone or computer;
  4. The result interpretations are fairly applied to the entire candidate pool – so the results aren’t simply a matter of the interviewing panel and therefore not subject to bias such as how they felt about the answer;
  5. They usually come with a free WorkStyle report for the candidate – meaning you get to understand what your strengths are and where they are best utilized. This historically was only available to executives and is now accessible to more and more employee categories.

The new digital behavioral surveys are so common they’re also used for internal hiring and retention – they help employers understand how to make the right fit at scale instead of losing their employees to competitors. You can learn more about Aptology’s platform and see a full demo here.