Hiring a candidate in any department can feel like a daunting task. For many HR professionals, especially if the position is in an unfamiliar industry, it can feel like taking a shot in the dark trying to determine whether or not your potential new hire is qualified for the job.


Luckily, emerging interview tactics can help remove a lot of the guesswork out of deciphering the skill set of a candidate and their capabilities. One of these, known as “behavioral interviewing” has become a leading method in the interview process.


Behavioral interviewing is a method used by employers to evaluate a candidate’s past behavior in a number of situations to help predict their future performance. These can be used not only for new hires, but for internal hiring, career progression, and promotion opportunities.


In the past, that meant asking the interviewee to give examples that showcase their ability to think critically to solve a problem. The issue is – how do you know what’s a good answer? How do you know the answer to the end question – whether they’ll be a good fit for the role, be successful in your company? 

Enter digital behavioral interviewing

That’s why leaders are partnering with newer digital behavioral interviewing platforms to evaluate roles in their business. By leveraging insights from your current roles and what makes people successful by role, the platform creates a customized interview package that eliminates biased questions and takes the guesswork out of your hiring process so that the best match can happen.


Previously, behavioral interviewing methods were limited to the business and stressful to HR leaders – because they were opaque, added the danger of fueling bias, and hard to decipher. HR teams were left trying to guess how to score a candidate’s answers without benchmarks or guidance as to what a qualified answer should look like. What’s worse – great candidates were lost to the “opinion soup” – when interviewers say “I don’t think this person would be a great fit”, or “I don’t think they answered the stress question well” (when they just didn’t answer the way the interviewer would answer). 


The new world of behavioral interviewing: reducing bias and aligning to outcomes

Now, the process has become not only streamlined, but data-driven and reducing bias is built-in. Companies that partner with Aptology receive tailored sets of interview questions that include a range of answers the ideal candidate would use, matching the right interviewee for the position, and focused on the key behavior that moves the needle on success based on objective metrics.


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digital mockup of a behavioral interviewing package from Aptology