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If you’re like us, your thirst for knowledge can never fully be quenched! We’ve asked executives for their go-to books on driving performance in their organizations. Here are the most cited. On your marks, ready, set, read!

Start With Success

Why we love it: from first time manager to executives, this book lays the foundation for a success framework. How should you look at the first 90 days? How to devise a plan in multiple scenarios (hypergrowth, turnaround, etc)? And the key question at the heart of it all: “What does success look like?”

Do you have the right people on the bus?

Why we love it: Jim Collins’s seminal 2001 book on what separates great companies from merely good ones is a classic for a reason. It poses that companies are made of people – are the right people on the bus? If they are – are they in the right seat?

Hire With Your Head

Why it’s a classic: Loud Adler takes a hard look at where hiring breaks down. In a hard stance against “going with your gut”, he poses that performance based hiring is the key to outperforming your competitors.

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