Machines don’t hit quota. People do.

It’s no secret that up to 47% of sales teams don’t hit quota. Leaders spend too much time retraining, retooling, CRMing. Get visibility into why your top performers are hitting it, and what other roles could be a better fit for those who don’t. Join the fit-to-role revolution and crush Q2.

It takes 5 steps: see how leaders are crushing it with the Fit-to-Role playbook

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People are Hard

You’ve got a great network and a great method, but you know the process of building teams is broken. Resumes aren’t enough. The roles are more and more complex. You’re wrapping up this quarter – how is your team shaping up to hit quota? Get an understanding of what’s driving success and learn more about optimizing your talent against performance metrics.

Do You Know How Much a Bad Hire Costs You?

People make companies – but the wrong fit can break an organization. All too often, the bad hire cycle repeats itself:

A bad hire is identified:

  • Identify wrong fit and decide to act
  • 6 months of performance management or pivoting to another role
  • 3-6 months of search
  • 6 months of onboarding
  • 18 months to know if an employee meets performance targets

Fit-To-Role is Taking Over

Fit-to-Role has been proven to increase quota attainment by 27% and lower attrition by 36%. It does so by unlocking visibility into what makes top performers successful in your organization currently, and making matches leveraging the power of AI. Assisted Intelligence has never been this easy to use, and performance has never been so easy to achieve. Download the guide to learn how to use Fit-to-Role in your people decision processes.

It’s here!

The first and only Fit-To-Role Platform is now available.

Did you know? You could be losing as much as

$2.4 million per bad hire.

Consistently Build A World Class Organization

Finding the best fit for your role, in your organization, starts with understanding success. It’s now easy to:

  • Build a Success Profile for a role in your organization
  • Get visibility into which of the internal or external candidates would be the right fit given the role’s Success Profile
  • Make matches, at scale, without bias and without big variations in the process, resulting in a higher performing organization

Make an impact in Q2

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