The Right Person

In The Right Position

The Cost of Replacing an Employee Can Add Up To 250% of Annual Salary

Can you afford it?

Retention is the New Competitive Advantage

Hiring the best talent is harder and more costly than ever – employee turnover costs US companies $160 billion a year. You can’t hire your way out of a retention problem; keeping the best people is the most impactful competitive advantage.

Today, leaders are faced with an increasing number of responsibilities, including forecasting, anticipating rapidly changing market conditions and competition. In addition to their load, they spend countless hours managing lower performers; investing time in seemingly endless coaching, training, and performance-related tasks.

Different People, Different Needs: Insights Are Now Easy

Different people have different needs at work – and leaders need a broader arsenal of access to information about their people to shape a world class organization.

What if there was an easy way to understand:

  • What does the role require to be successful?
  • Which training, coaching, development tools would best suit this person to reach their full potential?
  • When are my top performers at risk of leaving, and what would work best to keep them?
  • What new role would best fit an under-performing employee today?

Less than 23% of organizations believe that hiring is an organizational strength and doubt they have the talent they need to succeed in the future.

Say Hello To A Different Way Of Managing People

With a simple platform, you can now better understand and act on your workforce. Log into Aptology’s dashboard to get insights on:

  • The Success Profile of your top performers based on objective data
  • An understanding of the candidate’s top behavioral traits and their FitScore to the position
  • An understanding of how your talent pool compares to the available talent pool for your role
  • Possible pivots for employees that aren’t quite meeting performance in their current role
  • Which employees need what coaching to attain the next level of performance

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