Coach to Success

Close the feedback loop

$11 billion is spent yearly on coaching.

Yet challenges still exist in unlocking revenue through people:

  • Different managers may have a different understanding of what will move the needle on pipeline or quota
  • Different reps may get varying levels of specificity in their feedback
  • Remote or hybrid environments make it harder to get visibility into what moves the needle on performance

Empowering coaching

Get visibility into what behaviors drive objective metrics such as pipeline and quota. Give actionable feedback on what strengths can be leveraged and what gaps exist, consistently and at scale.

Employees can:

  • Understand what strengths they can leverage for the role
  • What specifically are the behaviors that are gaps, and by how much
  • Exactly how specific behaviors manifest day to day so they can recognize what great looks like

Promote from within

Did you know?

95% of companies offer a career path for SDRs. But if 60% are AEs in different verticals and 40% are cross-team promos, how can tell you tell which one is right?

Sadly, 50% of newly placed SDRs fail in their new role.

You can now make it easier to set employees up for success.

Grow together

In order to escape the average, leading companies leverage the Aptology platform to understand what drives success in different roles, and make it easier to career path to success. AEs in a new role powered by Aptology insights ramp 2.7X faster and generate up to 30% more revenue after nine months on the job.

It’s not magic. See how it works.

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