Engineering Performance

How do you clone your top engineers? How do you build a strong team?

Leaders at Google Cloud and ADP are leveraging behavioral data because…

  • They rely on judgement or require training and interpretation for each manager
  • Leaders need to understand success for the role in your company based on objective metrics
  • Consulting and training costs add up – but it’s hard to keep the data, or action it
  • The insights gathered on people leave with the employee or the manager – even when the move is internal
  • They do not show “to what degree” you need a particular trait to be successful in a given role (eg. it’s not just about being autonomous; if you cannot collaborate with product or other engineerings in your role, you will not succeed in it)
  • They don’t move the needle on diversity because they perpetuate biases

Behavioral + Performance Data = Success

Everyone wants the best hires. But do you know what that means for your company?

  • Companies still only have job descriptions, resumes, and word-based ways of trying to understand their employees at work. This makes the old adage true: “People get hired for skill and fired for behavior”. Why can’t you understand behavior?
  • Managers struggle to define what “success looks like”. This gets compounded by having many managers across an organization, and quality control becomes both critical and difficult.
  • Employees themselves may not understand their own behavioral profile, what their strengths are, and what are areas of development.
  • This is why getting the right person in the right role is hard

This is why a Fit-To-Role platform is a critical business advantage. It gives the organization a 360 view of the person and data to back up what success really entails in a role. 

Consistently Build A World Class Organization

Finding the best fit for your role, in your organization, starts with understanding success. It’s now easy to:

  • Build a Success Profile for a role in your organization
  • Get visibility into which of the internal or external candidates would be the right fit given the role’s Success Profile
  • Make matches, at scale, without bias and without big variations in the process, resulting in a higher performing organization

How does Fit-to-Role Work?

Understand current team based on objective metrics

Create a Success Profile tested for adverse impact

Coach, enable, hire

Tested for Adverse Impact

At Aptology, we are passionate about unifying excellence and diversity. Each model is tested for adverse impact and validated – chat with one of our specialists to learn how

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It’s not magic.

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