Time to Find Your Dream Job

Tired of knock out surveys?

Us too. We’re also tired of endless surveys, followed by random and amorphous questions…

You’re good. So you have options. Of course you do. But how do you find that job where you know you’ll be successful? That’s what we’re determined to help you find out.

Do you know what your dream environment looks like?

If you’ve gotten a survey from Aptology, it’s because your company really cares about making you successful. Do you do better in an environment where people say it like it is? Do you do better where you need to collaborate a ton, like in a matrixed organization, or where you’re able to take the task and get it done on your own?

The Aptology Workstyle Portrait will tell you which environments are best for you, what are some of the situations you would want to avoid and why. You’ll also get to learn what you tend to flex as work muscles – how you make decisions, how you communicate. It’s your blueprint to take to help you find success.

How long does it take?

15 minutes, and you can take it on any device.

How is Aptology different?

The Aptology survey is based on the big 5, and is much more granular than other methods. It’s not a binary “you’re talkative you chatterbox you” or “you’re quiet” – it’s about your unique balance of dimensions. Who lives in a binary world? We don’t. The report you’ll get back reflects that – the unique balance you have across dimensions, and what that means when looking for an environment in which you’ll strive.