Time to Change How We Work

Understand your Unique WorkStyle

Aptology’s WorkStyle Portraits can help you understand how you prefer to work, and come across to others and allows you to recognize and take control of:

  • How you work with and influence people 
  • How your work style compares to others
  • How you prefer to take on goals and decisions  
  • Your reaction to difficulties

How do you know what works best for you?

  • Using Aptology’s WorkStyle Portrait can help you to identify areas for personal development, which may currently be in your ‘Blind Spot’ or ‘Unknown’ to you.
  • The aim is to be aware of your own behavioral style and the impact this has at work.
  • This increased self-awareness will help make these behaviors easier to discuss with others, and focus on from a development perspective.

So what does that look like?

Aptology can help your employer provide you with: 

  • Guided onboarding, to help drive your role acceleration
  • Coaching, learning & development that is tailored to your unique way of working
  • More meaningful and targeted one-to-ones
  • Career development information

How long does it take?

15 minutes, and you can take it on any device.

How is Aptology different?

The Aptology survey is more concise and granular than other methods. It’s not a binary “you’re talkative” or “you’re quiet” – it’s about your unique balance of dimensions. Who lives in a binary world? We don’t.

The report you’ll get back reflects that – the unique balance you have across dimensions, and what that means in your role.