50% of SDR attrition is due to performance

SDR churn is increasing

In 2010, 44% of SDRs stayed 3 years +

In 2020, 8% of SDRs make it that far.

SDRs on earn 8% below average in comp in their first year. At 3 years, they average 27% above it.

How do you help find the right fit for the role, coach them to success and progress them?

Not understanding success is costly

People make companies – but the wrong fit can break an organization. All too often, the bad hire cycle repeats itself:

A bad hire is identified:

  • Identify wrong fit and decide to act
  • 6 months of performance management or pivoting to another role
  • 3-6 months of search
  • 6 months of onboarding
  • 18 months to know if an employee meets performance targets

Are you training your competitors’ AEs?

Average SDR tenure is 15 months. Average ramp to full pipeline is 20 months.

If you don’t find a way to coach to success, accelerate ramp and provide a career path, you’re effectively training your competitors’ AEs. 95% of SDRs see AE as their next career step, and most achieve it in the 16-23months time frame.

SDRs ramp faster and churn less when they’re set up for success

50% SDRs are hired into a position where they don’t work out at all.

Why is that so high?

Because without a people intelligence platform, it’s nearly impossible to understand what drives success in a role.

It’s not magic. See how it works.

See it in action