The future is fit-to-role

It’s no secret that the traditional assessment process is flawed. Download our guide to fit-to-role and learn how to get started.

Traditional Assessments Are Flawed

If you’ve experienced traditional assessments, you know the process is broken. A questionnaire is developed and sent to a candidate, and each manager is left to interpret and try to understand how it relates to the role being filled. Some assessments even require certification, only to leave the evaluation of the role completely uncovered.

Fit-To-Role is Taking Over

Fit-to-Role has been proven to increase quota attainment by 27% and lower attrition by 36%. It does so by unlocking visibility into what makes top performers successful in your organization currently, and making matches leveraging the power of AI. Assisted Intelligence has never been this easy to use, and performance has never been so easy to achieve. Download the guide to learn how to use Fit-to-Role in your people decision processes.