In sales, time is a lot of money.

You don’t have 18 months to know if you hired the right person.

It shouldn’t take months of onboarding, months of training and months of prospecting to know if it’s the right fit. No leader wants to miss out on two years of pipeline. No sales person wants to miss out on two years of commission.

There’s a better way to make the right match. By understanding which behaviors move the needle on each specific role, you get it right faster, and at scale.

Who’s likely to meet quota?

You may not be able to see into the future, but you can use data to make better decisions before you commit resources to training someone.

With Aptology, you can now see how candidates compare to the best combination of behaviors for the role. Get insights on strengths, gaps, and see which role each person do best in.

Why should behavioral questions take so much time?

Save hours in interviewing and leverage the power of data. Send a 15 minute survey and compare results without delay.  Give your interviewers a unified view on behavior. Get data-based consistency throughout the entire hiring process.  Decrease the amount of time spent vetting potential candidates, and generate more revenue. 

Not Getting It Right Costs Everyone

The wrong fit in sales causes a costly domino effect:

  • 6 months of onboarding. Identify wrong fit and decide to act
  • Pipeline at risk and visibility into actual pipeline may be affected
  • “Should’ve been” closed-won become closed-lost
  • 6 months of performance management or pivoting to another role
  • Top performers may quit
  • 3-6 months of search
  • New cycle begins.

Typically, both the sales rep and the leader suffer losses from this cycle. The costs just pile up all around.

It’s not magic. See how it works.

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