Hire to Success

What makes hiring in sales so hard?

Plainly put, it’s because there is no “one size fits all in sales”: you don’t sell into a $20million deal the way you do a $2,000 deal. Studies show it takes 14 meetings with 9 stakeholders to sell a $100K deal, but you could close the $2,000 deal with a single call.

That’s not even just it – similar company, similar title… are proxies, and they’re not enough. What you’re missing is the key ingredient: “why” – the people side of the equation: behaviors. Why do some reps make quota and others don’t? You can find out, objectively and at scale.

Not Getting It Right Costs Everyone

People make companies – but the wrong fit can break an organization. All too often, the bad hire cycle repeats itself:

A bad hire is identified:

  • Identify wrong fit and decide to act
  • 6 months of performance management or pivoting to another role
  • 3-6 months of search
  • 6 months of onboarding
  • 18 months to know if an employee meets performance targets

This is especially hard on the employee – no one wants to be set up to fail. The impact is beyond performance – this affects morale and well-being. Someone who is trying their best and falling short has long term impact. Everyone wants to be set up to succeed. It shouldn’t be this hard to make that possible.

Digital behavioral interviews

Interviewing in sales can feel people intensive and costly – anyone who’s interviewing could be coaching or selling instead, aka moving the needle in revenue. It’s also time and preparation for the candidate. That’s why you want to make the most out of the process.

How many interviewers are you currently deploying per candidate? At what stage? Which questions are truly indicative of performance? What is the range of responses that will help you determine if this person is right for the role? Does everyone on the interviewing team have the same definition of success?

Leverage the Aptology platform to understand what behaviors drive success for a specific role, and understand consistently how candidates map to success, which areas to ask more about, and what ranges of answers mean for key behaviors.

Open up talent pools and focus on quality of hire

People are your competitive advantage – but the traditional processes for recruiting limit growth.
We know it’s a competitive advantage to hire diverse talent – and there are great candidates if you look outside of typical credentials, resume keywords and past experience.

Why hasn’t it been possible to date? Because the information we had was limited, and limiting. Having a consistent way to understand, help the employee understand, and communicate strengths and what gaps exist for the role is critical to be competitive today. Understand and hire to success, experience faster onboarding and faster results. Leverage behavioral intelligence with the Aptology platform.

It’s not magic. See how it works.

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