The Opinion Soup is Hurting Hiring

Quantifying Quality of Hire

Everyone wants the best hires. But do you know what that means for your company?

  • Companies still only have job descriptions, resumes, and word-based ways of trying to understand their employees at work. This makes the old adage true: “People get hired for skill and fired for behavior”. Why can’t you understand behavior?
  • Managers struggle to define what “success looks like”. This gets compounded by having many managers across an organization, and quality control becomes both critical and difficult.
  • Employees themselves may not understand their own behavioral profile, what their strengths are, and what are areas of development.
  • This is why getting the right person in the right role is hard

This is why a Fit-To-Role platform is a critical business advantage. It gives the organization a 360 view of the person and data to back up what success really entails in a role. 

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People Insights is Your Competitive Advantage

You have dashboards to tell you what – but do you know why?

People centric leadership is a competitive advantage. In addition to their load, leaders spend countless hours managing performance; trying to understand what’s driving performance, what different employees need in changing environments, what training works, and performance reporting tasks.

People intelligence helps understand what’s working, specifically coaching to performance, and hiring to performance.

A Bad Fit Hurts Everyone Involved

People make companies – but the wrong fit can break an organization. All too often, the bad hire cycle repeats itself:

A bad fit occurs…

  • Identify wrong fit and decide to act
  • Person is struggling, manager is struggling, team members are impacted
  • 6 months of performance management or pivoting to another role
  • 3-6 months of search
  • 6 months of onboarding
  • 18 months to know if an employee meets performance targets

This is especially hard on the employee – no one wants to be set up to fail. The impact is beyond performance – this affects morale and well-being. Someone who is trying their best and falling short has long term impact. Everyone wants to be set up to succeed. It shouldn’t be this hard to make that possible.

For top tech companies, the cost ranges from $250,000 to
$2.4 million per bad fit.

Consistently Build A World Class Organization

Finding the best fit for your role, in your organization, starts with understanding success. It’s now easy to:

  • Build a Success Profile for a role in your organization
  • Get visibility into which of the internal or external candidates would be the right fit given the role’s Success Profile
  • Make matches, at scale, without bias and without big variations in the process, resulting in a higher performing organization

“The results have been compelling! We used Aptology to identify top performance in our company, then hired to that profile. Recently hired candidates that were deemed a “best match” have outperformed expectations. As a result, I am using Aptology as a major factor in building, developing and hiring our sales team.” – G.L, CRO, leading ad insights company

Drive Performance Through Diversity

With Aptology, leaders can leverage an easy to use solution based on world class behavioral validated research, at scale.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Understanding candidates’ behaviors and hire to those, preventing gut feel decisions or inconsistent interview questions
  • Achieving higher diversity AND increasing performance, as candidates are viewed through the lens of Fit based on objective data

Say goodbye to traditional assessments

Traditional ways of hiring give only limited insights on the candidates. Without a clear Success Profile, based on objective data, and without fit, leaders have a more than incomplete view on their talent. The result? A 23% chance at a successful candidate to role fit. It’s time leaders had a better way to assess fit and drive success.

Get insights on role-based objective metrics, and evaluate internal and external candidates’ FitScore with Aptology. Build a Success Profile for the role leveraging research-backed behavioral attributes combined with 20 years of industry data, then evaluate candidates against the top attributes for success in that role.

Say hello to Retention

Leaders of world class organizations don’t just look to fill in seats – they understand that the best people are a sustainable competitive advantage. With Aptology, you can now hire the best possible fit for the role, resulting in higher performance, increased employee engagement, and higher retention. Aptology gives leaders access to FitScore, so that you can quickly assess:

  • The behavioral traits of your top performers based on objective data
  • Who in your candidate pool has these traits and what their FitScore is to the position
  • How your talent pool compares to the available talent pool for your role

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