How It Works

Build a more complete understanding of your people, based on objective metrics.

Get Visibility into What Drives Success

In order to evaluate fit, it’s fundamental to understand what makes your top performers uniquely suited for their role, based on objective metrics. The first step is building a Success Profile:

  • Your team takes Aptology’s Behavioral Survey
  • The data is mapped to objective performance metrics
  • A Success Profile is developed
  • Leaders quickly gain insight into potential for high performance, pivot opportunities, and more.

Hiring? Candidates Take the Digital Behavioral Survey

Quickly understand fit potential with your candidates, whether they’re internal or external:

  • Candidates take the Digital Behavioral Survey
  • Hiring managers evaluate internal and external candidates consistently for fit
  • Leaders can see their team makeup in the dashboard at scale
  • Candidates receive insights on their behavioral profile

Tap the Potential of Your Current Employees

Your people are your competitive advantage – but external sites know more about your employees than you do. It’s time to make internal hiring easy, and helping people find the right role for them:

  • Get a company-wide view on your employees, your culture, and what works
  • Get career pathing for new grads, interns and less experienced populations to new roles and pivots based on objective metrics
  • Easily view internal candidates based on individual success profiles for your company
  • Enable easy pipeline and succession planning

Why our customers love the Aptology platform:

  • No endless consultant or training costs – with one platform, you get uniform practices across the enterprise based on objective metrics;
  • Help all levels of the organization understand what success looks like for a role;
  • Moves the needle on diversity through validated, data-driven decisions and adverse impact testing;
  • Makes life easier with digital fit interview instead of endless hours of in person or phone interviews from team members;
  • Gives visibility into the workforce and knowledge stays with the company, doesn’t leave with employees or managers moving to new roles.

Tested for Adverse Impact

At Aptology, we are passionate about unifying excellence and diversity. Each model is tested for adverse impact and validated – chat with one of our specialists to learn how

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