How It Works

With Aptology, Consistently and Scientifically Hire for Fit

Understand What Drives Success

In order to evaluate fit, it’s fundamental to understand what makes your top performers uniquely suited for their role, based on objective metrics. The first step is building a Success Profile:

  • Your team takes Aptology’s Culture Survey
  • The data is mapped to objective performance metrics
  • A Success Profile is developed
  • Leaders quickly gain insight into potential for high performance, pivot opportunities, and more.

Hiring? Candidates Take the Digital Culture Interview

Quickly understand fit potential with your candidates, whether they’re internal or external:

  • Candidates take the Culture Survey
  • Hiring managers evaluate internal and external candidates consistently for fit
  • Leaders can see their team makeup in the dashboard at scale
  • Candidates receive insights on their behavioral profile

Why our customers love the Aptology platform:

  • Uniformity in hiring practices across the enterprise;
  • Simplified and consistent processes for both managers and recruiters;
  • Consistency through validated, data-driven decisions;
  • Elimination of bias through use of objective, metric-based evaluation and centering discussions on what fit to success really looks like and adverse impact testing
  • Process efficiencies resulting from insights into behavior across the company.

An Aptology Case Study

Case Study: A Global Leader in Energy-based Medical Solutions

How a leader used Aptology to identify key top performer behaviors, lower attrition and increase revenue

The Challenge

Regrettable turnover goal in sales: less than 20%
VP, HR found that “the key to accelerating revenue and lowering regrettable attrition was to identify the qualities and behaviors of our best sales reps so that we could recruit new hires with similar attributes.”

The Solution

The Aptology solution was more than 80% accurate in identifying sales reps that were great matches to our ideal profile and were high performers.

“We got our turnover under 20%, which has been the benchmark in the medical device industry that only truly successful companies are able to achieve.”

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