They say most companies can’t hire and retain diverse talent.

They haven’t met you.

Beyond The Pipeline Fallacy

Finding and retaining top diverse talent is harder than ever:

  • Top companies have realized the competitive advantage they represent and are sourcing differently
  • From perks to onboarding and unique benefits, the race to keep diverse talent is on
  • And yet, most companies lose as many diverse employees as they hire every year
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You can’t expect better results if you’re using the same old way of hiring.

You can’t expect better results if you’re using the same old way of hiring.

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Why Traditional Programs Fail: People Are More Than Words on a Piece of Paper

Current hiring is hard to change at scale, because every hiring manager is different and implements hiring policies differently. Often, speed to hire guides the behavior; and it’s that speed that opens the floodgates to mistakes and bias. That’s why leaders face an incredibly costly leaky bucket: paying top dollars to attract top talent, only to have the same % of employees leave as are joining the organization.

It’s time to rethink hiring. Unfortunately, information on resumes is only 18% predictive of performance or fit (Oh et al, 2018). While managers and leaders want top performing teams, the traditional ways of looking at people are preventing the organization from hiring and retaining the best talent.

It’s time leaders had a way to understand:

  • What does it take to be successful in a new role?
  • How can we evaluate behaviors at scale, consistently, systematically?
  • What research-backed methods are available to deploy at scale?
  • How do we prevent large variations in the evaluation of people?
  • How do we empower our people to understand fit-to-role and develop based on behavior and not just assumptions?

It’s All About Fit

Traditional ways of working only give limited insights on the candidates – and that’s why assessments don’t work: they miss half the problem. Without visibility on success profile based on objective data and without fit, leaders have had an incomplete view on their talent. Without that visibility, leaders have on average a 23% success rate in hiring, and every mistake costs 13 months of productivity. It’s time leaders had a better way to assess fit and drive success.

Get insights on the success profile for a role based on objective metrics, and get internal and external candidate FitScore with Aptology.

Say hello to Fit-to-Role, Say Goodbye to Bias

Aptology’s FitScore gives you unique insights on:

  • The Success Profile of your top performers
    based on objective data
  • An understanding of the candidate’s top behavioral traits and their FitScore to the position
  • An understanding of how your talent pool compares to the available talent pool for your role

With Aptology, the recruiting process advances people based on intrinsic information, preventing issues that arise with “judging the book by its cover”.

Not just diverse hires: retention.

With Aptology, leaders easily build high performance, diverse teams – and with FitScore, employees enjoy the benefits of a great fit in their role, leading to lower regrettable attrition, and higher engagement, longer tenure, and even positive ripple effects

What does that mean?

Leaders can understand candidates’ behaviors and hire to those, not just gut feel or inconsistent interview questions

Leaders can achieve higher diversity AND increase performance, as candidates are viewed through the lens of Fit based on objective data

Leaders can retain employees by pivoting them to roles where they will be a better fit and more successful – get the insights you need to do so today

Dramatically Reduce Attrition

It’s not enough to hire the best talent – you have to make sure you retain your top performers.

Aptology provides the best platform to avoid losing them in the first place.

  • Identify people who possess mission-critical skills to be either top performers or have the potential to become top performers.
  • Uncover what traits are needed to keep your employees “engaged and thriving”.
  • Understand what drives employee behavior and working to cultivate a stellar work environment.

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