New Assisted Intelligence Behavioral Pre-Employment Assessment

Why Are Leaders Abandoning Traditional Assessments?

  • They don’t help leaders understand success for the role in your company based on objective metrics
  • The insights they bring on the person leave with the employee or the manager – there is no institutional knowledge left behind
  • They do not show “to what degree” you need a particular trait to be successful in a given role (eg. it’s not just about being outgoing; if you talk so much that you can’t listen to the customer in an AE role, you will not succeed in it)
  • They don’t move the needle on diversity because they perpetuate biases
  • They rely on judgement or require training and interpretation for each manager
  • They don’t automatically evolve and scale
  • They drive intensive consulting and training costs

The Future is Fit-to-Role

Leaders can evolve their strategy in just 3 steps:

Create a Success Profile based on objective metrics

Hire for fit using the Success Profile

Enable, pivot, coach, train to success; build and adapt based on knowledge over time

How much revenue lift could you experience by upgrading to the Fit-to-Role platform?

Calculate the ROI

The costs of doing it manually just pile up

  • Time spent on job description, posting
  • Cost of advertising for position
  • Time spent interviewing, screening, rounds of interviews
  • Time spent training, coaching
  • Cost of bad customer experience and brand damage
  • Time and cost of performance management
  • Loss of revenue while the position is not filled

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How does Fit-to-Role Work?

Understand current team based on objective metrics

Create a Success Profile tested for adverse impact

Hire, enable, pivot and monitor

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An Aptology Case Study

Case Study: A Global Leader in Energy-based Medical Solutions

How a business leveraged assisted intelligence to identify key top performer behaviors

The Challenge

Regrettable turnover goal in sales: less than 20%
VP, HR found that: “the key to accelerating revenue and lowering regrettable attrition was to identify the qualities and behaviors of our best sales reps so that we could recruit new hires with similar attributes.”

The Solution

The Aptology solution was more than 80% accurate in identifying sales reps that were great matches to our ideal profile and were high performers.

“We were focused on getting our turnover under 20%, which has been the benchmark in the medical device industry that only truly successful companies are able to achieve.”

Tested for Adverse Impact

At Aptology, we are passionate about unifying excellence and diversity. Each model is tested for adverse impact and validated – chat with one of our specialists to learn how

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