You know who’s meeting quota and not.

But do you know why?

A new era of people management is here

Discover the power of behavioral intelligence

We have CRMs and metrics to understand who’s meeting quota – but finding out why some people meet quota and some don’t is a nightmare. That’s why leading companies use behavioral intelligence to answer the question: what makes someone successful in this role?

Understand the Why

While we have access to previous experience, education, and even skills, what we don’t usually have is access to behavioral data, consistently:

  • Behavior is a great predictor of performance
  • What are the behaviors required to be successful in this role?
  • What exactly needs to be worked on, and how much?

With a fit-to-role platform, you can understand precisely this: what behaviors drive performance, who needs what coaching, and what other roles within the sales organization could be a fit, based on objective metrics.

What is Behavioral People Intelligence?

It’s using the latest in behavioral psychology + machine learning to answer the question: which behaviors drive performance?

And if you had behavioral psychologists on hand and could afford to do interviews and analyses all the time, that’d be one thing.

But you don’t.

That’s why leading companies leverage the Aptology platform. It gives leaders those insights in one online platform that scales with your organization. Here’s how it works:

  • The team takes the 15min survey, and they get to understand what behaviors manifest at work
  • The data goes into the platform with performance data, and insights emerge: what behaviors move the needle on performance for X role, what the culture of the team is
  • Specific coaching and development tips emerge based on performance – what are the key behavior gaps, specifically, and how does that impact performance
  • This also helps leaders make moves within teams by seeing what other roles could be a great fit for them

An Aptology Case Study

Case Study: A Global Leader in Energy-based Medical Solutions

How a business leveraged assisted intelligence to identify key top performer behaviors

The Challange

Regrettable turnover goal in sales: less than 20% HR Executive found that the key to accelerating revenue and lowering regrettable attrition was to identify the qualities and behaviors of our best sales reps so that we could recruit new hires with similar attributes.

The Solution

The Aptology solution was more than 80% accurate in identifying sales reps that were great matches to our ideal profile and were high performers.

“We were focused on getting our turnover under 20%, which has been the benchmark in the medical device industry that only truly successful companies are able to achieve.”

Case Study: The Business Impact

With Aptology’s help, the company realized these benefits:

Increased quota attainment

Current and new team members who showed up GREEN in the results with a high fit score to the qualities and behaviors of our high performers were successful (85% and higher performance to quota) 80+% of the time.

Impact-driven hiring

We occasionally hired candidates who had RED (low fit-score) results as the process was new, but 80-90% of the people who had a RED failed in their sales results or role.

Consistent hiring practices

All finalists in sales now go through the Aptology process, and we’ve been able to increase revenue through this consistent hiring practice.

It’s here!

The first and only Fit-To-Role Platform is now available.