What does it take to be successful on your team?

Do you know more about prospects than your own people?

Sales leaders have CRMs, email and call tools, recording tools… but the problem is that people buy from people, not machines. And without people intelligence, you don’t have sales intelligence.

What are the top behaviors that move the needle on success for your rep’s current role?

Endless hours and money is spent trying to work 1:1 with sales professionals. Yet, with all of that, only a handful of sales leaders have visibility into their organization, what’s working, and what are the key moves that could make a difference across the board. That’s because without a people intelligence platform, it’s hard to get that information – what’s worse, different managers will have different ideas of what’s working.

What if you could move the needle on the entire sales organization?

Can everyone answer the question: “What does it take to be successful in this role” the same?

If you ask everyone in the sales organization this question: “What does it take to be successful in your role?”, you’ll likely get a variety of answers. And that makes moving the needle on revenue that much harder.

With a people intelligence platform, sales professionals get to understand what behaviors, and to which extent, move the needle in their current role.

How Do Sales Leaders Leverage People Intelligence?

Example: How the Aptology People Intelligence Platform Moves the Needle on Hiring.

Actionable Team Insights

  • Give the Team their Work Behaviors, what they do and the impact
  • See specifically what to work on to be successful for a role based on objective metrics
  • Empower better coaching and development


  • Progression has many faces – but once you understand success based on objective metrics, pathways are clearer
  • Develop multi-threaded succession planning at multiple leadership levels based on success
  • Retain employees and play to their strength – leverage the best talent pool available: the team you have


  • Define success for a role based on objective metrics
  • Use the Behavioral Digital Interview to broaden the talent pool, increase performance and reduce time to hire
  • Set new hires for success – they’ll know what their strengths are for the role, get better onboarding conversations with their leaders, and get the best out of training

It’s here!

The first and only Fit-To-Role Platform is now available.