Understand Performance

Why are some people meeting quota while others aren’t?

CRMs and sales enablement help you forecast and understand deals faster – but it doesn’t help understand the “why”: why some sales professionals have higher attainment than others, or why they close faster.
That’s because you’re missing the key ingredient to “why” – the people side of the equation: behaviors.
To understand success objectively, you need to combine the sales performance data with behavioral analytics. This helps you answer “What drives success? To what extent? What moves the needle?” Often, minor tweaks putting the right people in the right roles unlocks revenue, retention and high customer satisfaction.

Take the heavy lifting off of feedback and coaching

Coaching in sales is hard because there are so many variables to contend with: style, changing markets, territories, team dynamics, product specific constraints…
As a result, coaching and enablement can feel like an Olympic size weight to lift. What if you could get visibility into what drives success in specific roles?
Now you can. The Aptology platform gives you visibility into the behaviors that drive success in a specific role, and exactly what to coach, enable to move the needle.

Aptology was my first foray into behavioral analysis as a platform for evaluating salespeople. The results have been compelling! I am using Aptology as a major factor in building and developing our sales team.

Chief Revenue Officer,
large insights platform company

Do you know more about prospects than your own people?

“As long as people are buying, people will be selling”
We know it’s a competitive advantage to know about prospects – and there are great prospect intelligence tools available.
Why isn’t the same available for your own team? Having a consistent way to understand, help the employee understand, and communicate strengths and what gaps exist for the role is critical to be competitive today. Doing so remotely makes this even harder – but customers who do have experienced a 27% increase in revenue.

Organizational efficiency is about the right person in the right role

Your class of junior sellers have the foundations. Now it’s time to branch them into SMB, mid-market, or enterprise. But who’s best suited for which market?
Confidently map career progression with fit-to-role for more consistent forecasting and a committed team culture.

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