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Virtual Panel:

Building and Scaling Sales Organizations Through Highs and Lows

  • Thursday August 20th, 10am PST

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Join our star panelists in the discussion on  building and scaling sales organizations

They will share experiences and insights, including on:

  • Biggest misconceptions about sales leadership
  • Approach to building and scaling and organizations
  • Best practices: concretely, what’s worked?
  • What really moves the needle
  • Chris Kowalewski, Chief Growth Officer for Compass Group USA

  • Pat O’Donnell, VP & GM, Retail Americas at Diebold Nixdorf

Join our star panelists in the discussion on the evolution of Human Resources in 2020

They will share experiences and insights, including on:

  • Their role and approach to organization building
  • What are defining moments as a people leader?
  • How they align people and business objectives?
  • What are the day to day challenges? What are key best practices or frameworks?
  • Katharine Mobley, Chief Marketing Officer, First Advantage

  • Sejal Patel Daswani, CHRO, Sunrun


Virtual Panel:

How Human Resources is Evolving in 2020

  • Thursday August 27th, 10am PST

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The term “AI” is being used as an umbrella term by so many. It can refer to algorithms, to machine learning, to natural language processing techniques. So what’s the difference between automation and AI? And what kinds are being used in the domain of people?

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Learning on demand: what is the difference between automation and AI?


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Virtual Panel:

The Future of Work: The Employee Journey

Future of work
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Join our star panelists in the discussion on the next stage of the employee journey.

This virtual broadcast will be held July 23rd at 10am PST.

We’ll cover…

  • How is the employee experience being redefined?
  • What’s the vision for the future?
  • What pieces are needed to get there?
  • How do we drive to career pathing, getting a 360 of a person, in a transparent way? Is it the death of the black box?
  • What’s going on in the tech world that’s shaping that?

Our amazing panel:

  • Pradeep Javangula, VP of AI at Workday

  • Kristin Trecker, CHRO, Visteon

  • Brad Benson, Chief Product Officer and co-founder, Aptology


Pivoting To Success Through People

The workplace is being upended at unprecedented speeds. What does that mean for leaders? What data is available to answer the question “Do we have the right people for what’s ahead?”.

This webinar will cover how leaders can adapt to changing market conditions, leverage its more important asset – people – and how to unlock people data to strategically position the organization for the future.

  • Learn the basics of a Fit-to-Role platform

  • Explore how industry leading companies are facilitating internal hiring through a Fit-to-Role platform

  • See a case study on impact in a large sales team

There’s a lot of pressure on HR as a function right now, and there is more to come, as leaders expect the answer the question: “Do we have the right people for what’s ahead?”.

Data and AI specifically because of its adaptability is going to be a competitive advantage. As Jim Collins describes in Good to Great and Built to Last, the companies that emerge from crises mastered the ability to get the right people in the right roles. HR leaders who leverage Fit-to-Role will have an edge and will give their companies a lasting advantage. So what are the key trends and resources available?

  • Learn key trends in the CPO office from large studies (Spencer Stuart, KPMG, Deloitte and more)
  • Explore the AI landscape and different life examples, including RNN, black box AI, decision support, assisted intelligence.
  • See case studies of human touch / tech balance


Giving Your Company An Unfair People Advantage In Times of Uncertainty