Why the Aptology Fit Indicator?

Leverage real time performance data

Assessments have historically been based on human judgement.

But how do you know the measurements actually lead to performance? Today?

It’s time to bring the process to the 21st century. Get candidates benchmarked against the industry’s current, live performance data. The Aptology platform’s millions of live data points mean that the behavioral benchmarks are based on what it actually working, based on quota attainment. You can now leverage the wisdom of the crowd in one easy to use interface.

Get a view on the role, and the person

A great fit is a two-prong problem:

  • What actually affects performance for this role, currently?
  • How can I measure these behaviors in a candidate?

The Aptology Fit Indicator is a benchmark based on current performance data. With a simple 15 minute survey that can be completed on any device, you can get an understanding of where a candidate ranks compared to the current benchmark for that role. You can then interview based on gaps, and once hired, get a personalized guide on what to lean on and what to work on to ramp faster in the role.

How long does it take?

15 minutes, and you can take it on any device.

How is Aptology different?

The Aptology Fit Indicator is a view into what top performers are currently exhibiting in terms of behavior. The data is based on quota attainment, in real time.

The Aptology survey candidates take against it is based on the big 5, and is much more granular than other methods. It’s not a binary “you’re talkative you chatterbox you” or “you’re quiet” – it’s about your unique balance of dimensions. It’s also adverse impact tested and tested for gaming.